Online car key duplication has been made affordable and easy when you shop at Simply select your make and year of vehicle or send a picture of your key via email to the company and they’ll make your new key and deliver it to your door.


If you’ve ever lost a set of keys that had your vehicle’s key on it, you can certainly understand the numerous benefits that come from keeping a spare car key in a secure location. This is one care where the cost of prevention is many times more valuable than what it would cost you should you lost your key and not have a replacement on hand.


Keys Fast recommends keeping a spare key for your vehicle in the event that something should happen to your current key. Loss is not the only thing that can happen to your key that would keep you from being able to drive or gain access to your vehicle. Many of today’s vehicle keys are subject to an electronic remote system that can malfunction or lose battery power, which can inadvertently keep you from being able to get into your vehicle or drive it.


Consider a few of the best places to keep your spare key to ensure you have access to it during an emergency situation when you are locked out of your vehicle or have lost your key:


- Why hide it at all? Why not give your spare key to a neighbor, family member who lives nearby or a trusted person you work with? If your chosen person is trustworthy and easy for you to find when the need arises, this is a secure solution.


- Hiding your key on your car is one of the most convenient ways to ensure you’re able to find your key when you need it. Choosing a creative hiding place is essential to making certain it will not be found by someone else, however.


- Keeping your spare key in your purse or wallet is a very convenient solution, since these accessories are often with you. This is an ideal solution for anyone prone to leaving their key in the ignition and locking themselves out of their vehicle.


- The most secure location for your spare key is in your personal safe or in a bank’s safe deposit box. While this is certainly the safest place, it is not always the most convenient place, however it will keep your keys from ending up in the wrong hands.


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