If you thought you had to pay a transponder key programmer to program your new vehicle key, you may be surprised to learn that you can order replacement transponder chip keys from KeysFast.info and program them yourself. If you’re looking for the most affordable solution to replacing your transponder key or ordering a spare key, consider Keys Fast.


Ordering your new transponder chip key couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the link on the KeysFast.info and email the year mak and model car to order the right key for your vehicle’s make.


Keys Fast carries the right transponder key for your vehicle and provides complete programming instructions on their website to help you avoid paying a hefty fee to a transponder key programmer. Once your new key arrives, simply return to the KeysFast.info website and click on the Transponder Chip Programming Instructions link to get started.


Don’t be fooled by high-cost services that try to convince you only a professional can program your new chip key- that’s not the case at all. With many vehicles, it is necessary to have a working key in order to program a new key, making it crucial to keep a replacement on hand in the event that you should lose your key. If no working key is available, many newer model vehicles will require you to replace the vehicle’s module.


Take a closer look at just how easy it is to program your own transponder chip key: To add a duplicate key to your 2002 or newer Toyota module, you must have one working key on hand. Follow these simple instructions:


- Close all vehicle doors and windows

- Insert the master key into the ignition

- Cycle the ignition cylinder from on to off 5 times

- Open and close the driver’s side door 6 times

- Remove the master key and insert the new duplicate key

- Turn the ignition cylinder on

- Your new key will register after 60 seconds

- You will note that your new key has been properly programmed when the ‘theft’ light on the dashboard goes out.


That’s all it takes- you don’t even have to pay a professional transponder key programmer to do the job, regardless of how insistent they are that you require their services. Other vehicle makes are similarly easy to perform programming for their chip keys.


As a vehicle owner, you should be aware that many vehicles require one or two working master keys in order to self-program your transponder key. For this reason, you should always keep the appropriate number of master keys in a secure place in case you require a replacement of your working key. Often enough, dealerships will include an extra key for the asking as part of the negotiations process at the time of the vehicle’s sale. Asking for a spare key is not out of line.


Be your own transponder key programmer and save yourself time and money over hiring an expert. Buy your spare vehicle chip keys from KeysFast.info and program your own key.